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Termination of Pregnancy Procedure

The best time to terminate without any issues and complcations is within the first eight or so weeks of pregnancy. This a time when the fetus can not survive outside the mother's womb. In fact the baby is not formed in the real sense of the word.

Once your pregnancy has been confirmed, and the doctor knows how many weeks along the pregnancy is, and you have decided to end the pregnancy, the procedure offered typically reflects your stage of gestation. Early abortions can be accomplished medically or surgically.

Medical abortion is accomplished by taking of pills orally or vaginally. The pills cut off blood from the fetus and induse labour. It is a painless processs and it succeeds most of time as long the fetus is still within the fast few weeks of pregnacy that is = First-trimester (first three months of a pregnancy)

The Mifeprex/misoprostol drugs are given as follows:

On day one, Mifeprex (200mg or 600mg) as pills are taken by mouth in the doctor's office.

•On day two or three, misoprostol (800mcg is taken as pilsl or inserted vaginally) or in an office setting with four hours of observation.

•Between days 7 and 10, you return to the office to determine if the abortion has been completed.

•If it has not, a repeat dose of misoprostol given or you may undergo a surgical abortion.

•About 50% will abort in the first three days, about 80% of patients by the next day, and only about 5% of patients will need a surgical abortion.

Option 1:
You may be given medication called Misoprostal to soften the cervix and makes the cervical dilation easier. If this is the case you will need to remain at the clinic for another 2 hours after which procedure will be completed.

Option 2:
The cervix needs to be opened by insertion of laminaria (osmotic dilators). The laminaria absorbs the moisture and expands gently the opening of the cervix. They are left overnight. You will need to return to the clinic at the scheduled time the next day. The doctor will remove the laminaria and complete the procedure. This procedure may last about 10-15 minutes.

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